Mujer Alerta

Do you speak Spanish? Then you better get Mujer Alerta!

Application name:Mujer Alerta
Version(s):Android 2.6.0
iOS 2.6.1
Playstore link:
AppStore link:

This is the most unique period app we’ve seen so far! It’s simple, funny and well made. These are the specs:

Log features are displayed in a simple smart view, allowing you to input things fast. It even has a log option, that  to input your gynaecology consults, in case you want to remember what did your doctor tell you.

Here comes the funny part and you won’t believe this. It has an horoscope section with daily tips and its own version of “Flappy Bird”! We had so much fun using it!

The report section is quite clever and different from any other period app. The same happens on the educational section, which is pretty straightforward​. This makes easy to understand the basics and most important things​ about your period.

Along almost every section you navigate through the app, you can see some useful hints and warnings, based on the fact that beyond the information you can get from a period app, whether is a report or period predictions, what’s actually important is your doctor’s feedback.

So now you know, chica! Stay in line with your period issues in Español and have fun using it!

The comparison of features:

Is the Period Length configurable per Cycle?Yes
Does it provide a Report or Chart of all recent activity?Yes
Does it display Ovulation days?Yes
Does it provide features for tracking Fertility?Yes
Does it keep track of intercourse?Yes
Does it keep track of Doctor's appointments?Yes
Is the information only stored locally?No
Is the information stored in a server?Yes
Does it allow Facebook or Google authentication?Yes
Does it allow e-mail based authentication?Yes
Does it show Notifications/Reminders?Yes
Does it remind you to take the pill?No
Does it display Ads?Yes
User friendly?Yes
Does it synchronize with other Apps?No

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