Pink Daily - Period Tracker

Pink Daily: For every day and every girl

Application name:Pink Daily - Period Tracker
Version(s):Android 1.9.2
Playstore link:

Today’s app is Pink Daily and it’s awesome! But wait…. what makes it awesome? Well, it is very well made and here is why: nice and smooth user experience.

When you download an app, it’s because you need a tool to boost or improve your lifestyle, right? So then, you want to know how the app works so you can start using it ASAP. But when it comes to something delicate like menstrual cycle, you’ll need to be using quite a lot of features and Pink Daily has wrapped it all together very well!

The half-million downloaded app in Google Play has all the features you need, and arranged in a very understandable interface with family reports, health tips, health charts and pregnancy chances rates. You can count on 16 pretty handy instant logs options for symptoms, flows, moods, body temperature, weight and many more. It even has a little animated girl in the home menu, that throws you some tips if you tap over her.

Pink Daily has four customizable reminders: pill reminder, period reminder, period input reminder and fertility reminder. The bad face of the coin is that it’s only available for Android users. So, if you have an android phone and you are looking for an easy-to-learn app that gets the job well done, then this is the app. End of story.

The comparison of features:

Is the Period Length configurable per Cycle?Yes
Does it provide a Report or Chart of all recent activity?Yes
Does it display Ovulation days?Yes
Does it provide features for tracking Fertility?Yes
Does it keep track of intercourse?Yes
Does it keep track of Doctor's appointments?No
Is the information only stored locally?No
Is the information stored in a server?Yes
Does it allow Facebook or Google authentication?Yes
Does it allow e-mail based authentication?No
Does it show Notifications/Reminders?Yes
Does it remind you to take the pill?Yes
Does it display Ads?No
User friendly?Yes
Does it integrates with other apps?No

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