OvuView, your perfect assistant

Application name:OviView
Playstore link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sleekbit.ovuview

Ladies and…..ladies, I’ve just found the app for those meticulous girls, that wanna track their period carefully!

This is the very first period tracker that actually informs the user about the effectiveness and calculation methods that are used to predict fertile, luteal and period phases. And not only that, it also allows you to choose which methods you want to use (you can use all of them, if you want to), but each method needs symptoms to be logged prior the calculation, in order to work. Makes a lot of sense, right? Since the symptom log is quite complete, the reports are very detailed as well as the Timeline/Calendar/Chart.

Reminders! Make as many as you need/want or just use the default ones. Reminders can also be set, so that it only notifies you if you haven’t logged a certain symptom. So clever!

My first impression using such amazing features on OvuView was: “Holy Jesus, who made this app?” It has everything you need and more: cool design, precise information and predictions, customizable features, pregnancy mode, smart reminders and hints.

This one’s a piece of art. My hat’s off to OvuView…..

The comparison of features:

Is the Period Length configurable per Cycle?Yes
Does it provide a Report or Chart of all recent activity?Yes
Does it display Ovulation days?Yes
Does it provide features for tracking Fertility?Yes
Does it keep track of intercourse?Yes
Does it keep track of Doctor's appointments?Yes
Is the information only stored locally?No
Is the information stored in a server?Yes
Does it allow Facebook or Google authentication?Yes
Does it allow e-mail based authentication?No
Does it show Notifications/Reminders?Yes
Does it remind you to take the pill?Yes
Does it display Ads?Yes
User friendly?Yes
Does it synchronize with other Apps?No

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