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Linchpin Period Tracker and Calendar

Is the Period Length configurable per Cycle?Yes
Does it provide a Summary or Report of all recent activity?Yes
Does it display Ovulation days?Yes
Does it provide features for tracking Fertility?Yes
Does it keep track of intercourse?Yes
Does it keep track of Doctor's appointments?Yes
Is the information only stored locally?Yes
Is the information stored in a server?Yes
Does it allow Facebook or Google authentication?No
Does it allow e-mail based authentication?Yes
Does it show Notifications/Reminders?Yes
Does it remind you to take the pill?No
Does it display Ads?Yes
User friendly?Yes
Does it integrates with other apps?No

After reviewing so many Period Apps, it’s hard to be surprised by one. But, I have to give credit to Linchpin, because they make a difference in the period apps world. For example, you can fully customize the entire app, change the icon, colour and even set up a password so no one but you can open the app.  You can also set up special and discreet reminders to keep your privacy as secret al possible. The app is quite intelligent, so It will work based on what you are looking for, like if you are looking to conceive, the app work as a perfect scheduler to get pregnant. Another great feature is that you can share with your partner how are you feeling or how are u going to feel in the next days, thanks to the prediction system. Sharing information with your partner will help you out to organize your days and hours to find the perfect time to conceive. Definitely a great app to try!

Application name:My Period Tracker / Calendar
Version(s):Varies with device
Official webpage:
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