Flo Period Tracker

Rely on Flo and let it flow

Application name:Flo Period Tracker
Version(s):Android 3.2.0
iOS 3.3
Official webpage:https://www.owhealth.com/flo_about.html
Playstore link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.iggymedia.periodtracker&referrer=web_landing
AppStore link:https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1038369065?mt=8&&referrer=click%3Dfec81c63-6234-4eb5-9d6c-4016c56366f4

Flo is today’s perfect assistant when it comes to tracking every aspect of your menstrual cycle. It gets period and ovulation predictions, based on information that you can log every time you feel like. From basal temperature to sleeping cycle, or weight changes to vaginal fluid thickness, or even you mood, symptoms and kind of intercourse you have (you read it right, Flo takes into account a lot of things), you can practically log every type of your daily information that is later processed by Flo’s data algorytm to help improve its cycle prediction accuracy.

Another spec that you’ll find is a smooth and smart user experience. It’s super friendly user and has many other features like surveys and even a “Pregnancy Mode”, for those women who want to track their gestation period!

Get pill reminders, daily health insights customize the app design, get health graphs and synchronize Flo with fitness and health third-party apps or your smartwatch, so that you can focus on your things while Flo takes care of everything else.

The comparison of features:

Is the Period Length configurable per Cycle?Yes
Does it provide a Report or Chart of all recent activity?Yes
Does it display Ovulation days?Yes
Does it provide features for tracking Fertility?Yes
Does it keep track of intercourse?Yes
Does it keep track of Doctor's appointments?No
Is the information only stored locally?No
Is the information stored in a server?Yes
Does it allow Facebook or Google authentication?No
Does it allow e-mail based authentication?Yes
Does it show Notifications/Reminders?Yes
Does it remind you to take the pill?Yes
Does it display Ads?No
User friendly?Yes
Does it integrates with other apps?No

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